Happy Thanksgiving from the UCC!


The UCC wishes you a wonderful holiday and relaxing break! Here are some helpful tips for using your break well!

Thanksgiving Tips:

  • Update your resume with what you have done this fall semester
  • Make business cards and give out at any holiday gatherings
  • Make a list then research those companies where you have an interest in working/interning
  • Create or update your LinkedIn profile
  • Review the UCC’s Dining Etiquette packet before going to any formal meals:  http://www.longwood.edu/assets/career/DiningEtiquetteHandout.pdf

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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, gobble gobble!

Did you know that the UCC has a Resource Room?


The UCC Resource Room, located in Lancaster Hall G08-A, houses hundreds of books, binders, magazines, videos, and handouts related to:

  • Major and Career Exploration
  • Career Planning
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Job and Internship Search Strategies
  • Specific Majors, Occupations, and Companies
  • Graduate/Professional School Admission
  • And lots of other information related to your occupational pursuits!

Need to print your cover letter and/or resume? The Resource Room provides students with computer access for any job/internship related printing need.    We simply ask that you bring your own paper!

Are we missing something? Let us know what resources we should add to our collection by contacting us at career@longwood.edu!

Stop by our office anytime Monday through Friday from 8:15am-5pm to     check it out!

Nursing Fair

Nursing students, this is the career fair for you!

Take the opportunity to talk with employers to discover what skills they are looking for in their new hires, potential paths for certifications, and what it is like to work for the employers you are interest in.

When: Thursday, November 13th from 1-4pm

Where: Dorrill Dining Hall Nance Room

Check out the employers attending!


Professional Dining Etiquette



  • Always sit up straight, do not slough or lean over the table.
  • Your feet should rest flat on the floor, not crossed or wrapped around the chair legs.
  • Do not rock back in your chair.
  • Keep your hands above the table at all times while eating.
  • When you are not eating, keep your hands on your lap.

Place Setting and Utensils

  • Forks are placed on the left with the napkin and bread and butter plate.
  • Knives and spoons are on the right with the glasses.
  • Utensils are always used from the outside in.
  • Never place used silverware back on the table.
  • Do not leave spoons in a cup, place them on a saucer.
  • If for some reason a piece of silverware falls on the floor, scoot it underneath the table. Ask the server of the host to bring you another one.
  • Never wave your fork or knife around or use them as props.

Before beginning to eat, place the napkin folded in half, with the crease closest to your waist, in your lap.


  • Always wait for the host or hostess to pick up their fork before you start eating.
  • If there is not a host or a hostess, wait until everyone has been served before you begin.
  • It is considerate if you are waiting on your food to encourage others to start while their food is still warm.
  • If you are severed food that you cannot eat or do not care for eat what you can on the plate and leave the rest.
  • Never share food or eat off of some else’s plate.
  • Pace your eating based on others around you.
  • Do not speak with food in your moth or chew with your mouth open.
  • Do not make loud obnoxious noises while eating.
  • Never ask for a doggy bog or a to-go box.
  • When finished, place the fork and the knife at the 10:20 position, with the tines either facing up or down.

Bon appetite!

Stay Classy Longwood

Professional dress tips for women:

Business Professional

  • Avoid trendy styles
  • Wear neutral colors: black, grey, brown, navy, etc.
  • Capris and cropped pants are not appropriate, wear pants or a skirt
  • Skirts should be knee length and not too tight
  • Avoid high slits
  • Blouse or camisole (preferred colors: white or light colors)
  • No cleavage!
  • Avoid open toed shoes or sandals
  • Do not wear too high of a heel, no stilettos or platforms
  • Wear neutral hosiery or socks
  • All clothes should be neatly ironed!

Business Casual

  • Blazer or suit jacket with pants or skirts
  • Dress pants or khakis are appropriate
  • Avoid capris
  • Skirts should be knee length and not too tight
  • Avoid high slits
  • Blouses, sweaters, and cardigans are appropriate
  • Avoid open toed shoes or sandals
  • Heels and flats are acceptable
  • All clothes should be neatly ironed!


  • Simple jewelry
  • Only wear one pair of earrings
  • Maximum of one ring per hand
  • Small/simple purses or professional bags are acceptable
  • Avoid backpacks or large purses

Professional dress tips for men:

Business Professional

  • Solid suits or subtle pinstripes
  • Jackets should be buttoned while standing and unbuttoned while seated
  • Avoid double breasted jackets
  • Wear neutral colors: black, grey, brown, navy, etc.
  • Matching jacket and pants is a must
  • Tie should reach your belt
  • White or muted shirt with a collar is preferred (long sleeves)
  • Wear polished, leather shoes
  • Wear dark calf length socks that match the shoes
  • All clothes should be neatly ironed!

Business Casual

  • A sports coat without a tie
  • Khakis or solid color slacks are appropriate
  • A tie can be worn with a long sleeve collared shirt
  • Shirts with collar, sweaters, and polo shirts are appropriate
  • Oxfords or loafers are acceptable
  • Wear dark calf length socks that match the shoes
  • All clothes should be neatly ironed!


  • Watches and simple jewelry are acceptable
  • Match belt to shoes

What’s Poppin’ in the UCC


Did you know that the UCC has walk-in hours?

We are here to help! Our wonderful staff can assist you with CareerConnect, LinkedIn, Choosing jobs that interest you, Resume, Cover Letters, Interview preparation, Internship searching, Job searching, Job Fair preparation, Graduate School Admissions process, and much more!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-1pm
Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm-2pm

Contact us to set up an individual appointment or mock interview!

Longwood University Career Center
Lancaster Hall G08-A
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909

Pop in our office for assistance!

So You Want to Serve

So You Want to Serve

Are you interested in a career where you serve your community every day? Come learn about career options from professionals who work in government, non-profit and family/community service agencies!

Panelists include: Michelle Lam (Peace Corps), Emily Bacalis (Relay for Life), Jess Hofbauer (Make-a-Wish Foundation), Roma Morria (Prince Edward Social Health), and Angela Jackson (DOORS-Uganda)

When: Wednesday, October 22nd at 3pm (networking event following)

Where: Nance Room (lower level of the dining hall)

This event is free to attend and there will be FOOD!

Let us know you are coming by registering to attend: